5 Staging Tips to ‘Master’ the Owner’s Suite

The master bedroom is an important room to stage in order to help potential buyers feel right at home. Apartment Therapy recently highlighted tips from designers on how to achieve a posh bedroom look without spending big bucks. A few of their ideas include:

Add overstuffed pillows. Overstuffed decorative throw cushions can offer a luxurious touch. You can buy inserts that are slightly larger. For example, designers with an 18-inch square pillow will buy 20-inch inserts. “You don’t have to go crazy piling sleeping pillows on, but hotels usually dress their beds with two pillows per person,” Apartment Therapy notes.

Bring in a tray. This can be an easy way to add some class to a room. Try placing a tray on a vanity and adding perfume bottles and a candle.

Drape a large blanket. A luxurious blanket can cover up inexpensive bedding. “A big, chunky knit throw placed across the foot of your bed will take the focus off a tired duvet or comforter,” Apartment Therapy notes. “You can also use a vintage tapestry or piece of fabric to update a plain upholstered headboard: Just drape it over the top of the headboard and tuck it behind your pillows near the mattress.”

Don’t forget texture. Layering a room with texture can also make it feel more upscale. You can achieve this through a faux fur throw draped over a side chair or a sheepskin rug displayed on the floor beside the bed. Designers also suggest rattan baskets for adding texture.

Lift the curtains. Rooms can be made to feel bigger and more open by raising curtain rods two to three inches below the ceiling line, designers note. The windows will seem larger and help to define a more elegant space.


Provided by National Association of REALTORS®

Source: “10 Cheap, Easy Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Look More Expensive,” Apartment Therapy (Nov. 20, 2019)

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