A Living Room Buyers Will Love

Are you getting ready to sell your home and want a living room buyers will love? By applying the principles of home staging, you can transform your living room into a space both you and potential buyers will love.

Step 1. Start by rearranging the furniture.

Maximize the spaciousness of the room without losing that intimate feel. Group seating for easy conversation. A big no-no: Lining up furniture along the walls. Another pitfall: Having too much furniture for the size of the room. Consider removing a piece (or two) to create space if the room feels cramped or lacks flow.

Step 2. Clean every surface.

Use a rug cleaner to remove dirt and stains from carpet and upholstery. If furniture needs to be replaced but buying new is out of the question, slipcovers are a good option.

Step 3. Remove clutter.

Clear off horizontal surfaces and store necessary items in attractive containers. Baskets or bins can be a great way to tidy up quickly for unexpected visits. If you’re staging for yourself, remember that less is more. Display only the best family photos and most treasured keepsakes. If you’re staging for sale, pack away your personal items.

Step 4. Consider color and details.

Light, neutral furniture makes a room feel open, while dark, richer colors cozy up a space. Add pops of color and texture with pillows, throws and artwork to highlight architectural details. Coordinating these accessories help unify a room. Aim for a  cohesive design.

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