Buyers Desire Lawn Appeal: 5 Steps to a Healthy Yard

Seventy-nine percent of consumers say that a lawn is an important feature when renting or buying home. Many consumers are even ranking a nicely sized yard as the second most important home feature, only behind a renovated kitchen, according to a new survey released by the National Association of Landscape Professionals.

Sizable lawns trumped other popular features like updated bathrooms, storage, and hardwood floors, according to the survey.

Younger generations are placing more value on lawns than older generations, too. A nice lawn size was the top priority among surveyed millennials, nudging out even an updated kitchen, according to the survey. Eighty-two percent of millennials say that having a lawn is important when renting or buying a home, compared to 81 percent of Generation X and 77 percent of baby boomers.

“While some may assume that trends toward urbanization or the increased use of electronics and technology have resulted in a decreased interest in lawns among younger Americans, the results of our research found just the opposite,” says Missy Henriksen, vice president of public affairs for the association.

Homeowners want a nice lawn for entertainment, the survey found. Forty-seven percent of Americans say they entertain in their yards at least once a month, and 57 percent use their yards for recreation at least monthly. The majority of Americans (77 percent) also say they relax in their yards at least once a month, and 32 percent garden in their yards.

To boost a property’s outdoor appeal for interested buyers, follow the maintenance tips from the NALP:

5 Steps to a Healthy Lawn

1. Grass cycling. This means leaving grass clippings on the lawn after mowing to help return nitrogen and nutrients to the soil.

2. Don’t overwater. Provide your lawn a deep watering every few days, not daily. Watering your lawn too frequently can lead to shallow root growth.

3. Control weeds. The NALP says April is the ideal time to apply preemergent weed control. Weeds can quickly overtake lawns, so have preventive measures in place.

4. Maintain mowers. It is important to keep your mower blades sharp. When left dull, blades are ineffective and can damage your lawn.

5. Fertilize. Adequate fertilizer provides proper nutrients that are key for maintaining healthy lawns.

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